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Photos of the Grand Hall at Ringwood Manor

Designed by Derrick

Fireplace in the grand hall. When the Hewitt family lived at Ringwood Manor, it was surrounded by couches for seating.

View of the front door from the landing on the steps of the front hall.

A buffalo head given to the Hewitts by Buffalo Bill Cody.

Some of the civil war guns given by the United States government to Abram Hewitt in return for providing iron at cost during the war. There is one of each gun used during the war from both north and south. The guns have never been fired.

View of the staircase in the grand hall from the landing looking up. The initials ASH are carved into the wood; they stand for both Abram Stevens Hewitt and Sarah Amelia Hewitt.

View of the front door from the rear of the grand hall.

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