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Handwriting from the Hewitt Family in the Victorian Era

This page shows some of the handwriting found in the books in the library at Ringwood Manor. It includes signatures and drawings from Peter Cooper, Abram Hewitt, Sarah Cooper Hewitt, Eleanor and Sarah Hewitt, Emily Post and others. Click on each image for a larger view.

Abram Stevens Hewitt signature. Standard in many books.

Peter Cooper's handwriting. He practiced many different styles in many different books.

Sarah Amelia Cooper (Peter Cooper's Daughter) changed her name to Sarah A. Hewitt when she married Abram Hewitt. The transition is recorded here.

This is an ornate pencil signature by Sarah Amelia Cooper (Mrs. Hewitt) in which she tried to erase her last initial, probably to replace it with an "H" for Hewitt. The signature displays her innate and highly-developed sense of art.

Inscription in Emily Post's book to Sally and Nellie Hewitt, mentioning reference on page 87.

Reference on page 87.

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