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Hudson River School Paintings

The Hewitts collected paintings from the Hudson River School of Art. Eight of the eleven members of this group are represented in the Manor: James Peale, Jasper F. Cropsey, John F. Kensett, William C.A. Frerichs, Thomas Cole, Martin J. Heade, Casilear and Thomas Doughty. This page was written by Britt Terjesen. Click on each image for a larger view.

Painting by Martin J. Heade (1819-1904) named "Ringwood Meadow" or "Landscape with Cattle", dating to 1859. A Pastoral Scene done possibly at Ringwood Estate depicting Wanaque Stream with cows. This painting is representative of the Luminist Style done by The Hudson River Artists.

Painting by Thomas Cole (1801-1848) named "Ramapo Lake Scene", oil on pulp board. Cole was known for his Romantic/Mysticism Style. He was called the founder of the American School of landscape painting. In 1825 he joined the Hudson River School.

Painting by James Peale (1749-1831) named "Delaware Water Gap". Oil on wood. Inscribed: "Painted by James Peale in the 69th year of his age 1819". J.Peale started out his painting career doing miniatures on ivory and later turned to still life painting. The miniature painting caused him to lose his eyesight which made him turn to landscape painting. This is believed to be one of his last paintings.

Painting by James Peale (1749-1831) named "Picnic on St. Anthony's Nose", c.1814, oil on canvas. This is believed to be one of Peale's first landscapes.

Painting by Thomas Doughty (1793-1856) named "On the Hudson Mele", oil on canvas dating to the 19th Century. Representative of Doughty's Romantic/Historical style. This scene was located on the Hudson River. Doughty was the first to create romantic visions of landscape scenery. Later in his life he turned to a poetic style.

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