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Images of George Washington ("Washingtonia") at Ringwood Manor

There is no doubt that the Hewitt Family felt a reverence for the history of their home, the Forges & Manor of Ringwood. They kept alive the stories of the Colonial ironmasters and Ringwood's importance during the American Revolution. This sense of history and patriotism runs deeply through their own family accomplishments during the 19th century and no doubt was an impetus for collecting Washingtonia into the 20th century.

The following artworks are on display (among others) at Ringwood Manor. For an essay on the Hewitt collection of Washingtonia, see the Cult of Washington by Jeremiah Daly.

Reverse-glass painting of George Washington (after Stuart Gilbert). The reverse-glass painting process was difficult since the facial detail had to be executed first and the background put in gradually in layers. This is one of thirteen reverse-glass images existent. The eyes of Washington follow the viewer around the room.

The title of this painting is "The Prayer at Valley Forge." It is a testament to the perseverance of the Continental Army when they lost nearly a quarter for their forces in the winter of 1778. The religious symbolism in the work includes the allusion to Christ's prayer to God in the Garden of Gethsemene, the gothic arch of the trees above him, and the heavenly light which illuminates this form.

One of the many portraits of Washington that were reproduced by the etching process. Little is know about some of the artists and works hung at Ringwood Manor. Many pieces were collected for their subject matter rather than artist recognition.

The is a print of "Washington's Last Interview with His Mother" engraved in 1864 by Henry Cousins.

Patriotic Emblems painted on fabric by Abbe Rees, 1820.

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